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Become A Powerful Actor

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Step by step coaching on creating your character to help you become a Powerful Actor!

This is an intense class-work where you will be learning how to create your character  going step by step with the coach from the moment you’ll take the script to the moment you’ll be performing it.

In order to recreate real human behavior and truly be in the scene (and avoid “acting” it out), I  will coach you to go to the source of what motivates human behavior. We will go directly to the script doing script analysis from the viewpoint of the science of behavior. How and why people really behave. Thus, we will look at the psyche of the character in the script and see how that particular character negotiates life. Then, using the Chubbuck Technique, I will coach you to replicate the character from your own personal needs and life experiences.

This creates a character that is vivid, authentic and living and breathing in the moment. The Chubbuck Technique is a way to realize and embody a character so that character becomes you, and you become the character.

We will work together on scenes from movies or plays and get you in “NAIL IT!”  condition. You will learn how to breakdown your script/scene or monologue and fill it all up with powerful choices from your life experience. 

Based on my experience coaching lots of actors, as well as my self as an Actress and got trained with the best in the world Coaches like Ivana Chubbuck and Tony Robbins, I will guide you to becoming an Empowered Actor and help you by giving the coaching that you need to dominate in the audition room and in every set that you’ll work.

How Does It Work?

I assign scenes based on a game plan that I prepare for each student. I analyze and take into account your strengths and weaknesses, your problem areas and your history and assign material that will help you  best facilitate your growth and advancement  as an actor and as an individual.

 I coach you through all this  process of the Actor-Prep-Work in a totally safe and creative environment. I will guide you on developing your acting skills and show you step-by-step how to make powerful script analyzing. I will give you all of the tools on how to connect with your character and your scene partner on a deeper level. This process it’s a fun discovering and successful way to work with yourself.

Classes are once a week for a total of 4 classes for the month. 

every Wednesday from 11 am to 2 pm

Price: 160€

Here’s a summary of what you’ll be getting from this class:

A Map on how to break down a script

Step by step coaching on how to personalize this information making effective bold choices from your life

Exercises that will help you within minutes to get access at yourself and get resourceful to create what is needed in the script

How to put all this information written in the script

How to create a map of beats & actions 

Exercises to deeply connect emotionally with your scene partner

How to use doings so you can be present living and breathing the character

How to let go of everything and stay present in the scene and much more…

We’re giving an opportunity to try one free class. Contact us for more info.

Upon receiving your information our staff will contact you with details.