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Actress, Acting Coach

I coach actors how to take the confusion out of their work and become more focused and empowered and I guide them toward their greatness. My coaching is based on a combination of one of the most powerful Hollywood Acting Technique the Chubbuck Technique and transformative proved strategies from Tony Robbins.

I got trained and Certified as an Acting Coach in Hollywood at the Ivana Chubbuck Studios to teach and coach the Chubbuck Technique and also as a Life Coach at Tony Robbins- Madanes Training Center.


See what my STUDENTS ARE SAYING about my coaching…

Heli Pärna

“… I started working with Elsy online about 4 weeks ago and it has really made a huge change in my acting now. Elsy’s classes are always well structured and she knows how to choose scenes for her students. She is always challenging us, in the best way and I am eager to continue learning with her…”

Simon Maestre

“… I As an actor I can’t stress enough just how much I’ve grown and have been so grateful to be able to have Elsy as a coach. Her passion for this craft is truly contagious and it’s been eye opening to have her in this part of my journey.

If ur looking for reel options this is a great way to get some scene work done and record it later. Not only will the quality of the footage be great but with her coaching the acting will showcase you in the best light possible. Thanks for everything Elsy, you’re the best!!!…”

Giselle Millar

“… I recommend Elsy wholeheartedly. She works with her students with empathy and has a unique talent for helping to draw out the experiences which have shaped your emotional palette. I worked with her for personal coaching for an audition I have coming up. We chose a piece together and breathed life into it, shaped from some very deep places. It is important to work with a teacher from a place of safety. There is no judgement and Elsy also shares from her own experiences. We discovered emotions drawn from the past, some which I had buried for years. It made the piece very powerful, as the emotions were real and raw. It’s pure magic. Elsy always made me feel safe, understood and then it just flows. She can understand you better than sometimes you understand yourself, she also has a real knack for choosing the very scenes which are just right, and allows you to flex and practice your emotional pallets. The chubbuck technique step by step really helps you to apply the principals with practice. Thank you Elsy 

Ingrid Hart

“…Elsena is a wonderful and inspiring coach! Her dedication to the craft of acting and personal development is admirable. She’s helped me to become the woman I am today! The technique she teaches is life-changing! I recommend it. Sign up now! From Toronto, with love…”

Sharon Garzón

“… Elsy is a powerful coach!! She knows the best questions to ask for you to dig deep in your own self and make the most of your performance. She knows when to push and when to not and gives you the choice to do that. I cannot wait to work with her again! Thank you Elsy!!…”

Bruin Chan

“…Absolutely fantastic I have been having acting classes with Elsy for the last 7 months and it has been one of the best experiences for me. She is a great coach and lovely person. She has an astute eye to your strengths and weaknesses. She picks great scenes for me to work with and always gives great feedback, advice and direction. Challenges me in just the way I need to be. Whatever your level she will help you improve your acting ability. Lovely community of talented actors. Just what I needed and happily continuing….”

David Becerra

“…Elsena has been a fantastic coach and has an innate ability to pull the best out of her students. She can work with actors at any phase of their journey and is able to always find ways to help us achieve more and go deeper into a scene. I personally had very little acting experience in my life and found her to be a very approachable person and coach. She inspires and motivates in every class and you can tell she is genuinely happy for her students when she sees us progress. I have progressed immensely in just a few short weeks and I can’t wait to see where I can go from here. I highly recommend taking one oher classes as she blends some fascinating tools to bring out the “winner” in all of us….”

Paola Saulino

“… Elsena Shehaj is a coach that shapes herself according to the person she is dealing with. I booked the Audition working with Elsy and she coached me on set all the way until the end of the shooting. I found that her main gift is empathy because she is able to understand who you are and what you need to go in the right direction, her ability to understand the only thing you need at a precise moment is an effective strategy for bringing home results. This is the real difference between a teacher and a guide to success, here Elsena is definitely the second!…”

Ali Khalid

“…I started the classes as a person just wanting to try new things and acting was one of them but since then I’ve learned not just about acting but a lot about myself. In the class you go into a much deeper level of understanding yourself and the performance. And Elsy as a coach is truly inspiring. A very understanding, dedicated, passionate, driven and raw person who has all the qualities as a coach. …”