ONLINE ACTING “BeDeep” Prepare an audition or prepare a role from the comfort of your home.Empower yourself with Coaching!


4-week  Prepare an audition or prepare a role from the comfort of your Home

-Calling Actors of all ages –

4-week(4-coaching sessions) Monolog/Scene training #ONLINE /August 2017

on /Saturday/Sunday

In “BeDeep – Sessions” you will be coached directly how to bring the text to life.We will work with The Formula For Actors which is Acting based on self-development. The Formula for Actors is focused on Powerful Strategies that will help you build a Powerful CREATIVE INNER WORK based on your personal life experience.

In this 4 – week course(once a week Live From Home), the Coach will walk you through the core steps to understand your character situation using RPM System(Result, Purpose, Massive Action Plan) to plan the script. After you have a clear understanding we will go to personalize the work using your own personal life experience.

The Coach will drive you to go through this process of preparation using the best strategies from “Tony Robbins-Madaness Center” where she has been trained as a Strategic Intervention Coach, one of the best in the world Training Programs for coaches.

These Strategies are designed to give you the strength to overcome obstacles, achieve more and experience a shift in the quality of your thoughts and emotion.

In this 4 coaching sessions of preparation”Be Deep”, you will be able to learn what your character wants, why he/she want’s it and become very strategic about how to achieve it.

#BeDeep—is focused on helping you go deep in your understanding, overcome obstacles and create powerful transformation in your Acting.

In this Online Coaching Training, you will get:

Absolute clarity on how to structure your script/scene or monolog

-A great understanding of how to use your own life experience to personalize it

-You will learn Strategies that will Empower you to be Proactive and win your scene


The coach is available for any question you have.


Every Saturday and Sunday from:

10-11:30 or   12-13:30  or 17-18:30


Single Class Price:€50

Contact us to schedule a 🆓 coaching session or for more information at: or private message @artingstudiobcn
Classes are in #English #Italian #Albanian

Learn how to surpass your own limitation and immediately improve the quality of your Acting.Coaching will set you up to win!

Empower your Acting with Coaching!

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