Get step by step coaching on the Chubbuck Technique to help you feel totally prepared and confident as an Actor so you can create a Powerful Performance!

Step by Step Actor-Coaching on the Most Successful Practical Guide On Script Analysis!

Join Our Weekly Group Introductory Classes on the Chubbuck Technique In Barcelona, Sants

In this class You’ll learn:
-How to not play the character but be the character
-by finding your personal connection that relates to the character on the page
-so you can always be present and in the moment-needing what you want from a truthful and necessary place.

How Does it Work?

I assign scenes based on a game plan that I prepare for each student. I analyze and take into account your strengths and weaknesses, your problem areas, and your history and assign material that will help you best facilitate your growth and advancement as an actor and as an individual.  I coach you through all this process of the Actor-Prep-Work in a totally safe and creative environment. I will guide you on developing your acting skills and show you step-by-step how to make powerful script analysis. I will give you all of the tools on how to connect with your character and your scene partner on a deeper level. This process’s a fun discovering and successful way to work with yourself.

Classes are once a week for a total of 4 classes for the month. 

In this class, there is a possibility of creating a video book with the work we’ll do together in class. Check out our Instagram Arting Studio BCN to see some of our latest projects.

Get A Free Class
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Study with Officially Certified Chubbuck Teacher & Coach Elsena Shehaj 

How to Utilize the Ivana Chubbuck Acting Technique

 Like Charlize Theron + Others


The Chubbuck Technique is a 12-step system based on psychology and behavioral science. It guides an actor to the heart of a character by discovering the character’s primal needs – love, validation, and power – and by doing anything and everything to win their objective.
The essence of the Chubbuck Technique is not to use emotional pain as an end in itself, but rather to “use emotional pain and fears as a fuel to overcome your obstacles and WIN your goal.” This thought process can be useful both for success in script analysis and in your personal life.  

The FREE CLASS is a Demo of our  scene study Actor-Coaching classes. The coach will assign you a scene or monolog based on your Headshot & Personal Info. Then you’ll be able to create your character in class with the coach on the basis of the principal tools of the Chubbuck Technique explained in the book, ‘The Power of The Actor’.


Elsena Shehaj is an Actress, Acting Teacher, and & Coach of the Chubbuck Technique. She got trained personally by Ivana Chubbuck In Hollywood and she’s Officially Certified to teach The Chubbuck Technique in Spain and Albania. Also, she’s the creator & founder of Arting Studio where she coach Actors since 2017.

It is our mission in the Chubbuck community to
empower our students with the tools to become successful and to make dynamic, empowered choices in their work.

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