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Actor Coaching Become A Powerful Actor

Scene Study Online Class Work

Step by step coaching on creating your character to help you become a Powerful Actor!

This is an intense class-work where you will be learning how to create your character  going step by step with the coach from the moment you’ll take the script to the moment you’ll be performing it.
In order to recreate real human behavior and truly be in the scene (and avoid “acting” it out), I  will coach you to go to the source of what motivates human behavior.
We will go directly to the script doing script analysis from the viewpoint of the science of behavior. How and why people really behave.Thus, we will look at the psyche of the character in the script and see how that particular character negotiates life. Then, using the Chubbuck Technique, I will coach you to replicate the character from your own personal needs and life experiences. This creates a character that is vivid, authentic and living and breathing in the moment. The Chubbuck Technique is a way to realize and embody a character so that character becomes you, and you become the character.

We will work together on scenes from movies or plays and get you in “NAIL IT!”  condition. You will learn how to breakdown your script/scene or monologue and fill it all up with powerful choices from your life experience. 

Based on my experience coaching lots of actors, as well as my self as an Actress and got trained with the best in the world Coaches like Ivana Chubbuck and Tony Robbins, I will guide you to becoming an Empowered Actor and help you by giving the coaching that you need to dominate in the audition room and in every set that you’ll work.

How Does It Work?

 I assign scenes based on a game plan that I prepare for each student. I analyze and take into account your strengths and weaknesses, your problem areas and your history and assign material that will help you  best facilitate your growth and advancement  as an actor and as an individual.  I coach you through all this  process of the Actor-Prep-Work in a totally safe and creative environment. I will guide you on developing your acting skills and show you step-by-step how to make powerful script analyzing. I will give you all of the tools on how to connect with your character and your scene partner on a deeper level. This process it’s a fun discovering and successful way to work with yourself.

Classes are once a week for a total of 4 classes for the month. 


Here’s a summary of what you’ll be getting from this class:

A Map on how to break down a script

Step by step coaching on how to personalize this information making effective bold choices from your life

Exercises that will help you within minutes to get access at yourself and get resourceful to create what is needed in the script

How to put all this information written in the script

How to create a map of beats & actions 

Exercises to deeply connect emotionally with your scene partner

How to use doings so you can be present living and breathing the character

How to let go of everything and stay present in the scene and much more…


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In this Actor Coaching class, you will get:

Absolute clarity on how to structure your script/scene or monologue

A great understanding of how to use your own life experience to personalize it

You will learn strategies and techniques that will empower you to be proactive and win your scene


See what OUR STUDENTS ARE SAYING about my coaching…

Such a joy to watch this girl work! Highly recommend Elsena for above and beyond acting coaching!! She’s trained with the best- she’s fierce, classy, beautiful- straight outta Hollywooood!!! Elizabeth A Evans Photographer, Performer

Elsy is a powerful coach!! She knows the best questions to ask for you to dig deep in your own self and make the most of your performance. She knows when to push and when to not and gives you the choice to do that. I cannot wait to work with her again! Thank you Elsy!!, Sharon, Student

Elsena is a wonderful and inspiring coach! Her dedication to the craft of acting and personal development is admirable. She’s helped me to become the woman I am today! The technique she teaches is life-changing! I recommend it. Sign up now! From Toronto, with love Ingrid Hart  Actress, Acting Coach

Elsena has been a fantastic coach and has an innate ability to pull the best out of her students. She can work with actors at any phase of their journey and is able to always find ways to help us achieve more and go deeper into a scene. I personally had very little acting experience in my life and found her to be a very approachable person and coach. She inspires and motivates in every class and you can tell she is genuinely happy for her students when she sees us progress. I have progressed immensely in just a few short weeks and I can’t wait to see where I can go from here. I highly recommend taking one oher classes as she blends some fascinating tools to bring out the “winner” in all of us. David Becerra, Student

Elsena Shehaj is a coach that shapes herself according to the person she is dealing with. I booked the Audition working with Elsy and she coached me on set all the way until the end of the shooting. I found that her main gift is empathy because she is able to understand who you are and what you need to go in the right direction, her ability to understand the only thing you need at a precise moment is an effective strategy for bringing home results. This is the real difference between a teacher and a guide to success, here Elsena is definitely the second! Paola Saulino Actress – Model – Showgirl

I started the classes as a person just wanting to try new things and acting was one of them but since then I’ve learned a lot more; not just about acting but about myself.I would describe it overall as an eye-opening and beneficial experience to take part in these classes, not only do you learn about the arts of acting but you go into a much deeper level of understanding yourself and the performance.It’s a beautiful combination taking acting as an art and using it as a self-development journey in whatever goals you might have or want to achieve.And Elsy as a coach is truly inspiring. A very understanding, dedicated, passionate, driven and raw person who has all the qualities as a coach. Whether it’s acting you want to learn or focus on personal development, you will receive acting and a lot more from this experience.Ali Khalid, Student

What can I say other than she is like a mind reader and that she knows how to read your emotions even if you don’t understand them yet yourself still dazzles me sometimes. I have been learning a lot about myself and how to use my emotions and make good use of them by using them in my performance. I find the techniques and the style she uses you to create better performance with more energy very unique but also the link between the character and your identity really seems to help to create a better understanding of the scenes. Though I am still a beginner she really knows how to get out the best of you even when you are just starting out and bring more confidence inside of yourself as an actor. Thanks, Elsena you are an inspiring teacher!Tariq, Student 

In my experience, Elsena has the ability to touch the soul of people, and this makes her so creative about coaching. she is an expert​ of using this method and deeply sensitive about life which makes her a great acting teacher. I came to Barcelona with many years of acting experience in the past, and I found her and the class incredibly helpful. Shaghayegh Norouzi, Professional Actress


Elsena offers a level of the professional guidance at a shocking rate. Equipped with great knowledge of the art and experience (Techniques learned from Ivana Chubbuck herself and Tony Robbins) along with a deep understanding of human emotions, she seems to take your hand and guide you to your objectives, all whilst feeling secure and focused on. With an effective and simplified method, Elsena prioritizes you and your goals before anything else. In a very short time, I achieved a groundbreaking learning curve that only confirms the level of her professionalism.PS: Her intuition to read her students and what fires them up is still a mystery to me. This is definitely a fun journey I enjoy and will continue to commit to.Zain Idrees, Actor

Ha sido todo un placer hacer clases con Arting estudio y sobre todo con la profesora Elsi ya que se enfoca en enseñarte a actuar según las situaciones y emociones que tienes que transmitir al público y creo que eso es lo esencial para poder actuar a la perfección. A de más todo ha sido muy divertido y a la vez gratificante el hecho de conocerme más ya que esto me ha hecho darme cuenta de que actuar puede cambiarte por dentro. Por ejemplo, en mi casa soy muy tímida y siempre he pensado que no podría actuar, pero eso no fue cierto, lo que tramos en clase fue ponernos el objetivo de sacar la vergüenza y la verdad que me sorprendí de mí misma porque mi vergüenza desapareció. A parte de eso me di cuenta del trabajo que tienen los actores y a valorarlo mucho más. Animo a toda esa gente que nunca ha hecho nada igual y que se lancen a probarlo, les aseguro que es muy divertido y Elsi es una gran profesora.Julia Gc, Student

Ever since Elsena started helping me I’ve completely relaxed: I know that someone with great capacities for analysis and perception will help me identify the most fruitful way of taking on a scene. I felt helped, accompanied and more times pushed firmly and with enthusiasm beyond my limits. I think that this is the biggest gift that an actor, as any other human being, can hope to receive. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to this woman full of courage and passion.Lisa Ghilarducci, Actress, Writer 

With Elsena it’s a kind of lightning bolt. Elsena is a person, without barriers and judgment, who looks to immediately understand what you truly need. And she gives it to you! She’s a woman who combines heart and talent, making her coaching a life experience, an experience of strategy and business. Thank you Elsena! Paola , Student

I worked with Elsena for an audition that was really important for me. At times you understand that the essential thing isn’t only getting the role, there are 3000 reasons why you may not be chosen, but you should never EVER give up. The Coach and I worked a lot for this audition, really digging deep into my emotions and looking for the dark side, where the skeletons are, and we found a lot that ultimately really enriched my character. I won’t ever forget that feeling when we found my substitution and how emotional we were talking about what was happening. Lots of understanding and lots of vibrations. That day, something in me changed. I was more aware of everything that surrounded me and what I felt inside. Thank you, Elsena. Thanks a lot.Martina Marotta, Actress

I have joined the acting classes under Elsy’s guidance in October and the main reason was actually to learn how to perform a speech in public, but it turned to be actually challenging work with emotions and inner myself. I really literally didn’t know how hard is to be actor/actress but it worths this effort and that path, work and push what Elsy is requiring in the classes is beyond anything but after I always experience deliberating energy and always levels me up. She is very professional and with a lot of experience to offer not only for acting but also personal development. The best thing what happened to me in the last few months!Zuzana Bolech, Student

Starting acting classes with Elsy was one of the best decision I ever made in my life. I discovered my true passion for acting and Elsy has helped me so much not just in becoming an actor but also in my personal life and to overcome any obstacle. I’m really happy to have enrolled in her class, I really enjoy it and I’m learning so much every day. I definitely recommend it to everyone!Tony Coman, Actor

This acting class is wonderful! Elsena is really dedicated and passionate about her job. Her coaching method definitely helps you explore deeper your personal experiences and how to apply them in the scenes. Her technique really empowers you, and I strongly recommend it to any actors and non-actors!Mariyana Tasheva, Student

During this class, you get to learn how to express yourself on the stage through a powerful connection to yourself and to your own emotions. Elsena is an outstanding coach and teaches acting in a very effective, compelling way. I highly recommend this class to everyone who wants to explore acting or advance their skills.Iga Pielichowska, Student