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Are you feeling stuck and insecure in your Acting and you need a clear understanding or help mapping out a plan for your script?Come to our Workshop and discover the MAP.

Arting Studio is passionate about the Craft of Acting and our Objective is to help and support you in building your Acting Skills and your Unique Potential.


Get Ready for the Set!

In “ACTING MAP WORKSHOP “we work with every actor personally and we help you to plan THE SCRIPT  understanding what is that your character wants, why he/she want’s it and become very strategic about how to achieve it.

We work with The Formula for Actors which is Acting based on self-development.The Formula for Actors is divided into 3 Steps.

  1. The first Step we create a plan using Rapid Planning Method to Structure the script, breaking down the big picture so you can get a clear understanding of your character life. After building up a strong structure
  2. The second Step is your Creative Inner -Work which is the Personalization using your own life experience.
  3. The third Step the coach will drive you to do the work using the best strategies from Tony Robbins- Madaness program where she has been trained as a Strategic Intervention Coach.  These Strategies are designed to give you the strength to overcome obstacles, achieve more and experience a shift in the quality of your thoughts and emotions and will help you to understand what is that your character wants, why he/she want’s it and become very strategic about how to achieve it.


In this 2 full days of training, you will get:-

-Absolute clarity on how to structure your script

-A great understanding of how to use your own life experience to personalize it  

-You will learn Strategies that will Empower you to be Proactive in the scene

Limited places/only for 10 Actors.—Contact us at


Your coach is available for any question you have. In Arting Studio we give you the possibility for a free online session of exploration.

What are you missing in your acting now?What it needs to bring it to the next level?We will help and support you to get it to the next level because we really believe in your potential and we love what we do.

Learn how to surpass your own limitations and immediately improve the quality of your Acting. Coaching will set you up to win!

Empower Yourself with Coaching—-Contact us at




We work with Actors Online Classes every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. We think that the online preparation it’s so helpful for any actor who is looking for just one class. If you are preparing a role for a casting or anything you need in a specific time and you need to make it work at the moment.You can enroll also for one or a couple of online classes.It is also so helpful for Actors who don’t have the possibility to move in other city’s or don’t have a lot of time because they work full time.You can study and practice Acting from the comfort of your own Home.

We have different packs of online private coaching sessions.

—“Be Deep”4-week preparation Roles or Monologs

—3 months online training for reinforcing your inner -work and getting it to the next Level


Up Coming in October

—One weekly Live Group Class in Barcellona with only 10 students.


READY TO TRY COACHING!!!GET A 30 MIN STRATEGY SESSION TO GET STARTED—-Schedule your introductory free coaching session today! Contact us at

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