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Celebreties that proved that working with a Coach can bring massive change to their careers!

Did you know that……
#LeonardoDiCaprio and #HughJackman worked with a #LifeCoach !!!!

#Celebrities who prove that working with a Life Coach will help you rebuild your career

#DiCaprio has worked with life coaching, Tony Robbins. Maybe it was Tony’s idea for Leo to stand in a freezing river while eating raw fish during the filming of “The Revenant.”

DiCaprio is quiet about his experiences with Robbins, but his success and persistence speak for themselves. Even though he fell short of numerous Oscar wins for Best Actor, DiCaprio quietly continued to master his craft and focus on doing the job.

The Australian actor Hugh Jackman describes how fast Tony Robbin’s strategies can help anyone get past the story that’s been holding them back in their lives.

Are you an Actor and you are struggling with your creative inner work?I was feeling blocked and stuck and my insecurity wasn’t letting me free my work.
It’s very interesting how our mind works.I was repeating to myself that I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO DO and as a result, I wasn’t moving forward in my work.
I was thinking that maybe acting wasn’t for me and that I would never BE better;)
After working ON MYSELF I realized that everything that I was going through was there to help me and I was just missing some simple steps.I just needed to clarify myself on a deeper level and some support ongoing through this inner process.
I’ve got trained TO GO THROUGH THIS PROCESS with one of the best training in the world for coaches:
“Tony Robbins -Madanes Program”.
where I developed the skills of creating this deeper intense inner work to help and support you to use whatever you are going through and whatever your situation is to build and empower your inner work and be PROACTIVE in the scene.

This is an evolutionary #FORMULAFORACTORS We will go through 10 powerful strategies that will empower you to move forward in your career as an Actor and in your life.

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What are you needing in your acting now?
What step you are missing or what you need to clarify to get it to the next level?
You can be a beginner or advanced or professional Actor/Artist, I’m here to help and support you because I really love and enjoy this process and I truly believe in your potential.

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