Ongoing Actor Training From The Script To The Set

Becoming A Powerful, Professional, Working Actor

Get step by step coaching on creating powerful characters for your next or new Videobook.

In this class you will be coached in a small group of students. Classes are once a week for a total of 4 classes for the month plus one day On-Set to be agreed in class with the coach.

You will have scene study class work where you will be exploring different roles chosen from important movies by our Acting Coach Elsy.

By the end of each month after we do 4 classes of prep work in class you’ll be ready to go on the set where we’ll shoot the scene.At the end of this training, you’ll be getting a professional videobook which you can use to present your work  to an agency you are looking  or casting director or a director.

This training is limited to 5 students!

At the moment this class is Full.

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Class Details

Step by step coaching on creating deep inner- work, Powerful Performance and a Professional Showreel realized with scenes & monologues work from movies. This is an intense class-work and on the set training where you will be learning how to create your character going step by step with the coach from the moment you’ll take the script to the moment you’ll be performing it.
Here’s a summary of what you’ll be getting from this class:

How to do a script analyzing

How to personalize this information and make deep choices from your life so you can totally connect with your character.

Exercises that will help you within minutes to get access at yourself and get resourceful to create what is needed in the script.

Exercises to deeply connect emotionally with your scene partner

How to put all this work written in the scriptHow to create a map of actions so you can achieve in the scene

How to use doings so you can be present living and breathing the character

How to let go of everything and stay connected on the Set and much more…

At the end of every month, we will be shooting the scenes out of the studio where you’ll get this amazing opportunity to work on a professional set and get professional videobook from this training. 
This class is limited to 5 students and it’s only for Actors who are serious about the craft and want to learn how to work as Powerful Successful Actors do!Don’t miss this opportunity!