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Elizabeth A Evans

“Such a joy to watch this girl work! Highly recommend Elsena for above and beyond acting coaching!! She’s trained with the best- she’s fierce, classy, beautiful- straight outta Hollywooood!!! 

Zain Idrees

“Elsena offers a level of the professional guidance at a shocking rate. Equipped with great knowledge of the art and experience (along with a deep understanding of human emotions, she seems to take your hand and guide you to your objectives, all whilst feeling secure and focused . In a very short time, I achieved a groundbreaking learning curve that only confirms the level of her professionalism.PS: Her intuition to read her students and what fires them up is still a mystery to me. This is definitely a fun journey I enjoy and will continue to commit to.

Lisa Ghilarducci

“..Ever since Elsena started helping me I’ve completely relaxed: I know that someone with great capacities for analysis and perception will help me identify the most fruitful way of taking on a scene. I felt helped, accompanied and more times pushed firmly and with enthusiasm beyond my limits. I think that this is the biggest gift that an actor, as any other human being, can hope to receive. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to this woman full of courage and passion…..”


Martina Marotta

“…I worked with Elsena for an audition that was really important for me. The Coach and I worked a lot f really digging deep into my emotions and looking for the dark side, where the skeletons are, and we found a lot that ultimately really enriched my character. Lots of understanding and lots of vibrations. That day, something in me changed. I was more aware of everything that surrounded me and what I felt inside. Thank you, Elsena.”

Mariyana Tasheva

“… Elsena is really dedicated and passionate about her job. Her coaching definitely helps you explore deeper your personal experiences and how to apply them in the scenes. This process really empowers you, and I strongly recommend it to any actors and non-actors too!…”

Iga Pielichowska

“…Elsena is an outstanding coach and teaches acting in a very effective, compelling way. I highly recommend this class to everyone who wants to explore acting or advance their skills.!…”


Tony Coman

“..Starting acting classes with Elsy was one of the best decision I ever made in my life. I discovered my true passion for acting and Elsy has helped me so much not just in becoming an actor but also in my personal life and to overcome any obstacle. I’m really happy to have enrolled in her class, I really enjoy it and I’m learning so much every day. I definitely recommend it to everyone!

Zuzana Bolech

“..after the class I always experience deliberating energy and always levels me up. Elsy is very professional and with a lot of experience to offer not only for acting but also personal development. The best thing that happened to me in the last few months!…”

Tariq, Student

“…she really knows how to get out the best of you even when you are just starting out and bring more confidence inside of yourself as an actor. Thanks, Elsena you are an inspiring teacher! !…”