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[Free Actor Training] Want To Learn The 5 Steps How To Create A Powerful Performance (When You Don’t Know Where To Start)?




Go from,”I don’t know what to do” to “I know exactly what to do know” with our Rapid Planning Method!

Register for this Free – Actor Training Class and learn the 5-steps how to rapidly plan your scene or monologue, create a dynamic performance and shift from any victim mode up to powerful actor!

                                       Enroll now!

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Are you new to Acting and you don’t know where to start or you have been taking acting classes for a long time and you still don’t know how to plan your scene or monologue?

It’s normal that you are feeling scared and confused and you don’t know what to do.

You are needing a Blueprint to plan your scene so you can go from fear and confusion into focus and freedom.

The mind needs a trusted system before he can relax.When you apply this 5-steps you will get in a state of “Flow” which is a natural state of the human brain when you reach your creativity and greatness.

The faster you will start applying this steps to your performances the faster you can start increasing your Results from them.

So here’s an important question for you:

What’s your plan?-You’ve got two choices:

1.Continue to do the same thing you’ll be doing?

2.Make a decision to enroll-because it’s not about the Talent, it’s about developing that Talent with Skill and applying that Skill with Strategy!

In this Free-Training, you will discover the Road Map to plan your scene ;

  • 5-steps every actor must take to creating a powerful performance!
  • What is the Nr.1 mistake every actor makes on the castings and how to avoid it?
  • You will learn powerful exercises that will put your body in high energy and will get you focused to win your scene.

IMPORTANT: This training is limited to 10 students!

Once the first 10 enrolled there will be no more room for you to enter-

So take action now and Enroll!

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Elsena Shehaj coaches Actors how to take the confusion out of their work and become more focused and empowered Actor and guides them toward their greatness.

She has studied acting since 2010 in Italy and Hollywood where she starts her Coaching Training with the coach of the stars of HOLLYWOOD Ivana Chubbuck and after that, she continued her training with world best life coach Tony Robbins-Madanes Center.

Her approach to acting is very personal with every student as we are all unique and different.She is focused on helping you understand how to plan your scene and how to understand and know better yourself and the things that really affect you and use them in your work to create dynamic characters.Knowing better yourself you will know how to work with different roles and how to create powerful performances using your own life experiences.

This is one of the classes where actors get professional tools and training that will help them:

  • Work as a professional actor
  • Create a planning that will make your performance unique and powerful
  • Get consistently Results
  • Go from being confused and stuck to getting clear, focused and empowered.

If you want to create a performance that will be noticed in the castings than your scene planning should follow this format.

Let’s take a scene and break it down so you know exactly how to create a powerful performance!

Find out the perfect scene/monologue planning Method!

                                          Enroll know!

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Elsena has been a fantastic coach and has an innate ability to pull the best out of her students. She can work with actors at any phase of their journey and is able to always find ways to help us achieve more and go deeper into a scene. I personally had very little acting experience in my life and found her to be a very approachable person and coach. She inspires and motivates in every class and you can tell she is genuinely happy for her students when she sees us progress. I have progressed immensely in just a few short weeks and I can’t wait to see where I can go from here. I highly recommend taking one of her classes as she blends some fascinating tools to bring out the “winner” in all of us.

David Becerra, Student


What can I say other than she is like a mind reader and that she knows how to read your emotions even if you don’t understand them yet yourself still dazzles me sometimes. I have been learning a lot about myself and how to use my emotions and make good use of them through using them in my performance. I find the techniques and the style she uses you to create a better performance with more energy very unique but also the link between the character and your identity really seems to help to create a better understanding of the scenes. Though I am still a beginner she really knows how to get out the best of you even when you are just starting out and bring more confidence inside of yourself as an actor. Thanks, Elsena you are an inspiring teacher!

Tariq, Student 


“The Ground Breaker” and “The Paparazzo”

My journey in acting classes has been unguided until enrolling with Arting Studio BCN. Elsena offers a level of professional guidance at a shocking rate. Equipped with great knowledge of the art and experience (Techniques learned from Ivana Chubbuck herself and Tony Robbins) along with a deep understanding of human emotions, she seems to take your hand and guide you to your objectives, all whilst feeling secure and focused on. With an effective and simplified method, Elsena prioritizes you and your goals before anything else. In a very short time, I achieved a groundbreaking learning curve that only confirms the level of her professionalism.

PS: Her intuition to read her students and what fires them up is still a mystery to me. This is definitely a fun journey I enjoy and will continue to commit to.

Also, Judith, her co-worker, and very skillful photographer offer a wonderful addition to reviewing scenes in very capturing shots!

Zain Idrees, Actor


Ha sido todo un placer hacer clases con Arting estudio y sobre todo con la profesora Elsi ya que se enfoca en enseñarte a actuar según las situaciones y emociones que tienes que transmitir al público y creo que eso es lo esencial para poder actuar a la perfección. A de más todo ha sido muy divertido y a la vez gratificante el hecho de conocerme más ya que esto me ha hecho darme cuenta de que actuar puede cambiarte por dentro. Por ejemplo, en mi casa soy muy tímida y siempre he pensado que no podría actuar, pero eso no fue cierto, lo que tramos en clase fue ponernos el objetivo de sacar la vergüenza y la verdad que me sorprendí de mí misma porque mi vergüenza desapareció. A parte de eso me di cuenta del trabajo que tienen los actores y a valorarlo mucho más. Animo a toda esa gente que nunca ha hecho nada igual y que se lancen a probarlo, les aseguro que es muy divertido y Elsi es una gran profesora.

Julia Gc student


Ever since Elsena started helping me I’ve completely relaxed: I know that someone with great capacities for analysis and perception will help me identify the most fruitful way of taking on a scene. I felt helped, accompanied and more times pushed firmly and with enthusiasm beyond my limits. I think that this is the biggest gift that an actor, as any other human being, can hope to receive. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to this woman full of courage and passion.

Lisa Ghilarducci, Actress, Writer 


With Elsena it’s a kind of lightning bolt. Elsena is a person, without barriers and judgment, who looks to immediately understand what you truly need. And she gives it to you! She’s a woman who combines heart and talent, making her coaching a life experience, an experience of strategy and business. Thank you Elsena!

Paola Saulino, Actress, Model


I worked with Elsena for an audition that was really important for me. At times you understand that the essential thing isn’t only getting the role, there are 3000 reasons why you may not be chosen, but you should never EVER give up. The Coach and I worked a lot for this audition, really digging deep into my emotions and looking for the dark side, where the skeletons are, and we found a lot that ultimately really enriched my character. I won’t ever forget that feeling when we found my substitution and how emotional we were talking about what was happening. Lots of understanding and lots of vibrations. That day, something in me changed. I was more aware of everything that surrounded me and of what I felt inside. Thank you, Elsena. Thanks a lot.

Martina Marotta, Actress

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