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Up Coming Results Workshop in September

 Up Coming in Barcelona!!!!
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In Arting Studio we work with every Actor to find your personal and unique Power.This Workshop is 💯 % based on learning how to win your scene using your personal experience.

The Secret of Creating an extraordinary performance is using your own personal and Unique Life Story Experience. Coach John Wooden taught his players that Winning comes from telling yourself the truth and doing your own personal best.

Acting based on Personal Development.This 2 days Results Workshop will give you the foundational principles for identifying what your character wants and breaking through the barriers to achieving it by conditioning your mind and body for maximum RESULTS.

Contact me for more information at or private message @artingstudiobcn
Classes are in #English

The Australian actor Hugh Jackman describes how fast Tony Robbin’s #strategies can help anyone get past the story that’s been holding them back in their lives.
#ResultsWorkshop is focused on creating your INNER-WORK.We will work with the things that really affect you, your life, your goals, your obstacles, conflicts that are stopping you from getting what you really want in your own world.

I help #Actors to go through this process of preparation using the best #strategies from “Tony Robbins-Madaness Center” where I’m being trained as a #LifeCoach, one of the best in the world Coaching Programs for helping people to be the best they can be.

Going from where you are to where you want to be -requires a plan, a specific strategy and by following that you will get massive results.

My objective is to help and support you in building this inner work for your script and using it in a powerful and effective way.
You will learn through the practice how to be invested in winning because this is what the Hero in every story in the movie does.Nobody looks to someone who is honest and tells the truth but we look someone who really uses this material and tries everything to make it work so badly.
An investment to win bring the force and the passion.
Contact me for more information at or private message @artingstudiobcn
Classes are in #English

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