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Are you an actor and you are struggling and feeling stuck and powerless in your creative inner work on the script and in your performance and you need some support or directive that can help you to get it to a better level? I would love to help and support you to go through this process. I’m an Actress and a Creative Acting Coach and it’s been since 2011 that I’m obsessed about understanding and creating this process.I’ve failed so many times because I was insecure and didn’t now how to use those emotions.I was feeling that I wasn’t enough and about to give up so many times.But the love and the hunger for wanting it so badly guides me in amazing places where I learned so powerful techniques and strategies that free and empower myself and my creativity and helped me to continue to develop my god given talent. The Formula is about the techniques and strategies that I have learned in all these years through acting training, books and personal development with Tony Robbins-Madanes training program where I’m still continuing my training as a COACH.I will guide through a very exciting journey of self-exploring and empowerment that will help you transition into a new state of being when you will have absolute certainty. Because when you are certain about your potential, you will take massive actions.And when you take massive actions you will get massive results. The better you will know yourself the better actor you will be. Sign up for a free conversation session!

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